Buyer-Network Relationship

Effective December 08, 2023

This document outlines the policies and expectations that buyers on the Black In Business Shopping Network (“the Network”) must follow to ensure a positive and secure shopping experience. By making purchases on our platform, buyers agree to comply with the terms outlined below.

1. Expectation of Excellence:
Buyers can expect sellers on the Network to strive for excellence in delivering quality products and providing exceptional customer service. Sellers commit to maintaining professional standards and aligning with the values of the Black In Business Shopping Network.

2. Platform Trustworthiness:
Both, buyers and sellers, must trust that the Network’s platform is a safe and reliable space. This trust is reinforced by sellers adhering to posted policies regarding refunds, returns, exchanges, and shipping. Any changes to these policies will be communicated promptly to buyers.

3. Transparent and Honest Transactions:
Buyers can expect transparent and honest transactions with sellers. Sellers are obligated to provide the products and services as described, maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity throughout the buying process.

4. Dispute Resolution:
In the rare event of a dispute between a buyer and a seller, the Black In Business Shopping Network reserves the right to intervene and make a fair decision to resolve the matter. Buyers agree to cooperate fully in this process.

5. Safe Shopping Environment:
Buyers can trust that the Network is committed to preventing illegal activities. This includes sellers refraining from selling drugs, engaging in phishing or fraudulent practices, trading, or offering any other service.

6. Communication Within the Platform:
Buyers are encouraged to communicate with sellers only within the Network’s platform unless directly related to a verifiable order. This ensures that all interactions remain within the scope of the specific transaction and avoids potential issues related to external communication.

7. Account Security:

Buyers are reminded to keep their account information secure. Under no circumstances should buyers share their login credentials with others to access the Black In Business Shopping Network.

8. Violation Consequences:
Violations of this policy by buyers may result in consequences, including but not limited to temporary suspension, permanent removal from the platform, and financial penalties. The severity of the punishment will be determined by the Network, taking into consideration the nature and frequency of the violation.

9. Additional Provisions:
The Black In Business Shopping Network reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time. Buyers are responsible for regularly reviewing the policy to stay informed of any changes.

By making purchases on the Black In Business Shopping Network, buyers acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms outlined in this policy. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of their buyer account.

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